Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lauren: 1 Month

Welcome to the world . Great eater . Daddy calls her Lady Bug . Calm - Except when her stomach isn't full . Wears lots of polka dots . Still wears newborn clothes . Attended her 1st little league & triple A baseball game - slept through both of them . Lots of hicccups . Twirls/grabs her hair . Likes to look out the window / light contrast . Likes hydrotherapy - aka bathtime. Happy to have her.

Chad's company sent this onesie in which we were supposed to take a picture for the company newsletter...
...Lauren thinks Deloitte rocks.
Grandma J got this dress for Lauren months before she was born & I was very excited to finally get it on her.

'My Daddy loves me .... My Daddy loves me.'

This was my 'Mother's Day picture' .. Taken 2 weeks after Mother's Day looking a bit tired .... Real life.
We love the flamingos on this outfit.

Princess Power

Not a real smile but caught a gassy one just the same.

'I really want to giggle but I don't know how yet.'

Lauren's 1st Triple A baseball game @ the Round Rock Express

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