Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Keller: 2nd Grade: Check!

2nd Grade: Slayed!
Traditional 'Last Day of School' photo. Still sporting anything SD Padres.

Mrs. Brenneman & Keller

We were extremely nervous when we moved here to Austin mid-school year about Keller's transition to a new school & teacher. We feel that we lucked out. He was accepted by his classmates immediately & we landed at a top-notch school with more educational opportunities than we had in San Diego. He thrived! His teacher was an absolute doll. A former D1 college basketball player - Kel loved all her sports talk. Notice her bright pink lipstick in the above picture? At the class awards assembly, she applied it to give every one of her 'kids' a gigantic smooch on the cheek. 

Speaking of awards, Kel received:
*Enormous Vocabulary
*Math Whiz
*Future Author
*Problem Solver [for completing the Problem Solving Challenge Board]

His report card was solid and he is reading much above grade level. 

Now ... Let's get to summer ...

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