Sunday, December 15, 2013


T H A N K S G I V I N G 2013
San Diego, CA

Keller's Class Thanksgiving Feast

K* & K*
We had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends from our ward, the Jensen's.

Baking bread has always been a challenge for me. I've been known to ruin a batch of frozen Rhodes Rolls. This year I found the secret - Grandma Soper's famous school rolls. They were divine!

This is our turkey - not deep-fried but cooked in the propane cooker outside. Delicious.

This is the only picture that was taken of our little gathering:

Got an early family Christmas present - tickets to The Lion King. We headed up to LA's Pantages Theater the day after Thanksgiving. I have been wanting to see this show since it first came out on Broadway while I was still in high school. In fact, when the show began I actually had happy tears streaming down my face.

If you know anything about Keller it is his undying love of sports. When the lights came up for intermission Keller asked if the show was over. Chad described intermission as 'halftime'. Kel got it. As we were leaving the theater & I was continuing to gush on my love of live theater, Chad turned to Kel, 'You know how we love to go to Petco Park & watch the Padres? This is like Mom's Petco Park.'

After the show we headed to the LA Temple, took in the nativity sets in the Visitors Center & the lights. Also had a great Italian dinner just off Rodeo Drive.

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