Sunday, December 15, 2013

Selective Public University Tour

In early November I embarked on a jam-packed recruiting trip for University of Delaware:  4 states in 4 days. 8 events with 2 other university colleagues from Miami University & University of Vermont. 


I think this is Mt. Ranier....

Found lots of beautiful fall colors in Seattle /  Bellevue
After we completed our events in Seattle we had a few hours before our drive to Portland. Another colleague - Julio - was in town & had lived in Seattle so he gave us a whirlwind tour:

1st Starbucks near Pikes Market

Little hot chocolate was a necessity

Pikes Market isn't all just fish....

But we did find the fish...

The & clearly disgusting Gum Wall

Julio [Miami U] & Me

Julio [Miami], Susan [Miami], Me & David [Vermont]

Seattle Skyline

The Troll under the bridge....This is an iconic art piece in Seattle. The neighborhood around the bridge selected this as their art piece....To each their own. Notice it gripping a real VW bug on the right side of the picture.

Gas Works Park

University of Washington was B R E A T H T A K I N G.

Fall colors bursting in downtown Portland, Oregon

Food Carts in Portland. 
Portland was ecclectic. The crowds at our events were sparse & we met a wide variety of people in our less than 24 hour stay. Our overall impression:


My colleagues, who had never been to Utah before, were LOVING the mountains being so close & the clean downtown area. 
It was fun showing off one of my hometowns. We toured Temple Square, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building & checked out the new City Creek Mall. My colleagues were full of questions about the LDS Church & it was fun to share some of our quirky stories & why we do what we do. 

We couldn't leave Utah without me introducing them to a LEGEND.....

....Crown Burger & Fry Sauce.

We had a bit of a panic as a time zone change shifted our perceived departure of our flight to our next stop in Denver. Long story short - don't trust you Google calendar for flight departures. We had to divide & conquer to get to Denver on-time. One our our colleagues jumped on a 1st class seat to get to Denver approximately 1 hour prior to our event. My other colleague & I jumped on another flight, which of course got delayed, and landed 15 minutes after our event started. Did you know Denver has a speedway? Not really, but I drove like a speed racer to get us to our last event to meet with a few remaining families. Every trip has to have a story, right? 


After all the delays, I was in Denver less than 16 hours. This was the only view I saw:

I had an absolutely enlightening trip. Great to work with take-it-as-it-comes colleagues who are smart & inventive. Great to survive 5 flights in 5 days & still be laughing with each other at the end of the week. 

Delaware on the road.....

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