Sunday, December 1, 2013

Road Warrior Blue Hen Style

Presenting the BEST & WORST of Fall Travel Season 2013:

It was the BEST working for the University of Delaware. Certainly a new challenge learning new facts, new stories & a new-packed travel schedule. It was also a challenge starting mid-September & planning a 3 month travel schedule in a week.

BEST architecture of a high school:
Loyola High School, Los Angeles
This was my first stop of Fall '13. Loyola is located in the middle of downtown LA & very prestigious boys prep school. I arrived an hour early & can typically stop at a Starbucks or McDonalds for a wifi connection to answer email. Not so much in this neighborhood. There was a security guard in the McDonald's parking lot & I'm pretty sure I was the only white girl in heels in a 5 block radius. It was one of those moments I have often on the road where I say, "What was I thinking!?". Alas, the visit was a success - even met a mother who told me my black pencil skirt was cute. I told her it was only from Target [knowing she probably shops exclusively at Neiman Marcus] & she then asked if it was the Mossimo brand because Mr. Mossimo is a member of her beach club. 

BEST dinner at a college fair:
Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Orange County

BEST high school quad:
Coronado High School, Coronado Island
Who doesn't have a tiki shack in their quad with more beach cruisers than cars in the parking lot?

BEST pep talk by a Blue Hen:

Mr. Flacco, UD alum, giving me a little pep of Dr. Pepper & french fries as a travel snack.

BEST line over the loud speaker during a college fair:
'Will the owner of a Honda Odyssey with bumper sticker LOVE YO MAMA please move your car'

Mama won't love getting towed.

BEST snack at a college fair:
J Serra High School, Orange County
Yes, they break out the popcorn & pretzel machine just for the college fair guests. Yes, I also spotted a semi-celebratory at this fair - Lori, from Real Housewives of Orange County with her daughter. Yes, they also hand us a bottle of wine as a gift. Yes, I then hand that wine over to a good travel buddy.

BEST friends at a college fair:
Allie & me in our matching shoes

Brittany [Elon], Allie [OSU], Corrine [Marist], Ed [LaFayette], Me, Liz [Samford]
BEST Pacific Ocean view from a high school:
Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes

WORST traffic of all time, E V E R:
Los Angeles

3 miles in 45 minutes makes me angry.

BEST sight to see when you pull into a high school parking lot:

WORST days lead to BEST shopping finds at Target.
Great stress relief.

BEST find:
I'm official at the University of Delaware.

BEST way to kill some time between events:
Los Angeles LDS Temple

It was another busy, busy, busy season for me. I racked up Marriott loyalty points, drove more miles in my trusty Honda, caught up on all my podcasts & wore more silly visitor nametags. Best days consisted of getting to spend time with RACC friends - introducing them to Cafe Rio or catching up on emails at Starbucks together. Worst days consisted of a 4 hour drive [which usually takes 2] from Thousand Oaks to San Diego on a Friday afternoon, totally forgetting a high school visit [first time in my 10+ year career] & being so dead dog tired I fall asleep at 8PM on Friday night after a long week.

So is the life of an Admissions Counselor...

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Alli Waldron said...

I loved this post and am now super jealous of the kids who attend those CA schools!