Sunday, December 1, 2013

LA Getaway / Chad's Birthday

In the middle of every crazy fall college recruiting season/mid-semester/back-to-school/fall madness comes Chad's birthday. We had both been running in separate circles for weeks so a small getaway was in order to Los Angeles.

Chad absolutely loves MLB fields. He & Keller toured Petco Park here in San Diego last year & recommend it to everyone. While I was at a college fair on Saturday, I sent the 2 sports fanatics to tour Dodger Stadium:

One of Chad's favorite finds were these team logos outside the Visitor's locker room. Several key players have signed the logos when they make their stop at Dodger Stadium over the years:

This was also 'a moment' - Kel in the real batting cages of the Dodgers:

After Dodger Stadium, we all headed to Simi Valley & visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library:

Just one of the family....

Reagan's family hid a penny under a tile in their kitchen to know they would never be penniless. Years later President Reagan visited his boyhood home & found the penny.
President Marchant

You walk thru Reagan's life step by step & then are amazed by the vastness of the Air Force One display overlooking Simi Valley. Breathtaking!

You actually get to walk thru Air Force One too:

President Marchant II

Presidential portrait made entirely of JellyBellys.

A piece of the Berlin Wall
The next day we visited Griffith Observatory & the Annenberg Space for Photography:

Keller & I also replaced Chad's beloved Bullet mixer with the fancy new Nutribullet model.

We had a great getaway in the middle of our chaotic schedules to celebrate!

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