Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's Make a Deal - Part 1

At the end of June, my fellow college recruiters in RACC [Regional Admissions Counselors of California] got together for a little 'professional development' in Hollywood. Our professional development included dressing for the part, public speaking & presentation skills & team building at ..... Let's Make a Deal. 

This was the crew that came up from San Diego:
Annie [U of Kansas], David [U of Arizona], Kristi [U of Minnesota], Julio [Miami U] & Me

This is the whole crew in action:
T: Rachel, Gary, Gary's wife, Tim, Julio, David, Annie, Teri Ann, B: Amy, Me, Liz, Ellen, Allie, Kristi

Allie & Me - Target-lovin', Panera Bread workin' road warriors

So - here's how it works. We had a group reservation so we were able to get right in line. You wait...and wait....and wait...until you get paperwork to fill out:

Then you wait....and wait...and wait more until some crazy producers come down the line & you get 15 seconds to share one interesting fact about yourself & your group:
Apparently our group must have made an impression.....

....To be continued when our show airs this fall.....

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