Monday, June 24, 2013

Dzwoniareks in the Desert

A few years back my Dad & stepmom bought into a Westin property in Palm Springs, California. We had spent a Thanksgiving & few days during summer visiting, relaxing & enjoying. Lap of luxury! This year my Dad & stepmom wanted a 'family reunion' of sorts with my Dad's immediate family. Mind you, this side of the family has never done this before.  It was on the calendar a year in advance to work with everyone's schedules & it was pulled off perfectly.

In attendance:
Dad & Candise
Dale & Rose [My Dad's twin brother & wife]
Tiffany & CJ + family [My Uncle Dale's daughter I hadn't seen since I was about 5]
Jason [My Uncle Dale's son]
Kim & Sal [My Dad's sister from Delaware]

Here was our home away from home for a week:

Yes, Palm Springs can like visiting the surface of the sun during summer, but as long as you have a pool....

We started the week off by celebrating Father's Day & Keller helped me pick out the treats for Daddy & Papa D:

Tiffany, Rose & I rocked 'Name That Tune' by the pool one morning:

This is what you would find most of us doing -POOLIN' IT UP. Keller is wearing the ever famous 'Starfish Ring of Shame'. The boys in the family [young & old] played with a ball constantly over the week - catch, hand tennis/volleyball, water football, 'throw the ball as fast & hard as you can' at your opponent - you name it - they invented it. If you messed up in the game you then had to wear the Starfish Ring of Shame until another teammate screwed up. It became legendary.

The week also included bamboozling icecream from Papa D & ordering an Oreo 'smoothie' [nice try] whenever you feel the urge:

The boys also had to take a break indoors & MarioKart & other Wii games kept them occupied.
Kel playing catch with Papa:

The girls took a Spa Day:
The boys took a Golf Day:

I also had to take the girls to visit my favorite 'personal shopper'/fellow SUU PA lover of good times, Levi Topham at Charming Charlie - a fabulous women's accessory store:

We also took in the Palm Springs Village Fest & met a larger than life Marilyn & lots of kooky artists:

Sal & cute M*

Basically, the little boys were just happy to have playmates in the big boys:

The Dzwoniarek Desert Reunion 2013:

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