Monday, June 24, 2013

Kindergarten Grad - Class of 2025

From the 1st Day of Kindergarten..... the Last Day of Kindergarten.

 Keller L O V E D kindergarten. 
He loved 
the friends he made, 
the girls that chased him, 
the balls to be kicked during recess,
 the school lunch he bought
& keeping Mrs. G on track.

The last few days of kindergarten were party central. 
Here is 'Breakfast & Board Games' morning:

When we first visited our elementary school the spring before Kel was set to start I remember walking into his future teacher's room [although we didn't know she'd be his teacher at the time] & thinking how colorful all the walls were with the student's artwork & how good of a fit it would be for Kel who wasn't really into art at home. Kel even wrote that his goal for kindergarten was to become a good artist. I think he succeeded:

He also came home with a keepsake 'My Memories of Kindergarten' book:

This was Mrs. G's final story to the class. She loves dogs & read Clifford stories to them all the time.

And just like that we had a kindergarten graduate ready for summer:

I don't think we'll just be sitting & relaxing too long with the Summer Bucket List:

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