Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chad's Birthday Shopping Spree

Chad's birthday always falls during our craziest time of the year. October is often a blur of college fairs, soccer, midterms & homework & lots of time spent running in different directions.

This year I didn't want it to go un-celebrated especially because he will be gone at a 3-day intense graduate class in Fresno on his actual birthday.

My husband loves to shop but hates to spend money on himself. He can rationalize himself out of any purchase -- even at Dollar Tree.

So after breakfast in bed.....

...... & Keller's soccer game,  he received this envelope with a letter inside:
"You have this cash to spend on YOU today: new clothes, shoes, watch, ties, suit....It's all yours. BUT, whatever you don't spend at the end of the day will be taken back. Choose wisely & have fun!"

He was actually very excited & off we all went -- to Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, TJ Maxx, Costco -- you name it. We even went here:

That's right...nearly Mexico - Las Americas Factory Outlet - at Exit 1A on I-5. You can actually park & walk across the border from where we were. My husband will go anywhere for a good deal!

That was his haul at the end of the day. He didn't ruin any of the fun & after a late night trip to Marshalls he spent every penny. 

We also had this great Oreo Chocolate Cake

Happy early birthday to my favorite bargain shopper, hard worker, love-to-pick-on-you, laughable, trustworthy guy.

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