Friday, September 7, 2012

A Rest from the Labor....

School starts. A week later - Labor Day. Hallelujah!

On Friday, our friends, the Allen's, showed us the fun at Escondido's Cruisin' on the Grand. Classic hot rods & cars park along Grand Avenue in Escondido most Friday nights during the summer or cruise up & down the street. There are bands playing, fun cafes & people watching galore. 

And then we took a trip to a place I would call heaven......
......with calories....
......and frosting:
Petersen's Donuts.
The size of these donuts was gargantuan. The cream cheese frosting & filling was delightful. Open 24 hours. What more does one need? Oh yes -- a cherry bear claw. Or coconut donut. Give me a dozen.

Saturday we hit the rails.
We rode the Coaster from Solana Beach to Oceanside. Fun & smooth ride with great views of the Pacific. We got off, wandered the gift & thrift shops, had handmade gourmet pizzas for lunch & visited the beach.

Sunday we rested....
...and showed the kid how to ride in a sleeping bag down the stairs. Classic!

Monday took us to Crown Point on Mission Bay with some friends from ol' PQ 1st Ward who share their toys. We had a ball & even talked Keller into a crazy ride on the tube.

I must say that after a few wild rides with salt water being sprayed in my face & hanging on for dear life thru the 'death turn' ... I was worn out & still sore 3 days later.

A great rest from our daily labor. Happy Labor Day.

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