Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road Trip to Memories

Just 12 hours after landing from my Reno adventure, my Mom, Kel & I loaded the car to drive to Southern Utah. Our first stop was at my grandparent's house in Kanab, Utah. 

While we were there I thumbed through some old photo albums and fell in love with this handsome devil:

My Grandpa in his Navy uniform.

Found this beautiful lady too:

My grandma

My grandma & maternal grandfather [Her 1st husband who I never knew]. How classy & funky is her outfit!
My favorite shot: My grandma [left] as a working girl out of high school.

My grandma & her sister, Zula in Sapulpa, Oklahoma [her hometown] in 1930.
My grandpa bowling -- He, to this day, wears his pants rolled just like that.
My grandpa's racecar that he raced for years in Southern California. [His name is Ivan].
Our family recently connected with a gentleman who bought this car and has fully restored it. 

What memories!

My grandpa, at 90 years old, still needs a hobby & something to keep him busy. He recently got out all his sewing material again and after a few years off has started piecing together quilt tops again. 

He even made Keller his own Levi blanket. EVERYONE in our family has 1.... or 2.... or 3 and if you are really special you have your name sewn on it. 

The 90-year-old also felt the need to buy his 1st John Deere tractor last year and LOVES it! He attaches his wagon on it & hauls his tools around the yard. He also takes his sun hat & lawn chair with him all over the yard and tells me when he gets tired he'll just set up his chair and have a rest in the yard. 

I love my Papa & Gramie. He is the hardest working man I've ever known - very determined & straightforward. Such great memories I've had with them over the years. My sweet grandma is now living at a care center and he still faithfully checks on her. They are wonderful examples.

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kalie said...

This is such a sweet post. I love it! I also have very tender feelings for my grandparents.

Side note: my in laws just moved to Kanab about a year ago. So beautiful!