Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Super Reno

Headed to the lovely town of Reno, Nevada in early May for a little excitement.....

Work excitement....

Conference excitement....

w/my work parter-in-crime.

Got the chance to attend the SuperACAC Conference [WACAC, PNACAC & RMACAC: essentially the Western United States Association of College Admission Counselors] in Reno. 

Reno is.....well....an interesting 'wanna-be-like-Vegas-but-got-stuck-in-70's-kitsche' town:
Mr. Cowboy at The Nugget where our conference was held.
 Property smelled of  1970's smoke &
 someone actually reported bed bugs.
We were loyal to our Marriott roots & couldn't have been happier.
Strike baby! A 78-lane bowling heaven.

An honest-to-goodness ad I found on when looking for a little BINGO fun. 
Unfortunately -- Didn't get a chance to eat here.....

But we did eat here: The Chocolate Bar. Best food we had in Reno. 

Chocolate Bar fondue. So wonderful!

Besides the conference & downtown exploration we toured University of Nevada-Reno.
Pretty impressive. Full of traditions.

Liz & I - 2 Off-Site Admissions Counselors vs. the world

UNR holds graduation on this lawn. Can you just see the caps flying? LOVE it.

We also had a quick trip to Lake Tahoe to see the bright blue water:

 We had a great time. Learned a lot of great tips & tricks in our trade.

Would I recommend Reno excitement? If you love stadium bowling, 70's motel kitsche....Go for it! Just remember to take your Mom to bingo.

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