Saturday, May 19, 2012

Planning for the Future....

The 2nd part of our road trip took Keller & I back to Cedar City so I could spend a week with my co-workers, around a conference table, hashing out the good, the bad & the ugly of this last recruitment year -- our annual May Planning Retreat. This can get a bit intense so we work in some fun during the week. We headed for an overnight in St. George, shot each other at laser tag [tension release] & had a mini-golf tournament [supporting each other]. Also had some of the best Thai food ever at Benja Thai. 
Looks like I'm still doing my job -- most of our tours from the past few months have come from S. California & Las Vegas -- my 2 top areas:
 The May Planning Retreat also concludes my recruitment year as I work on a 9-month, 3/4 time contract. 
 This is where you found me on May 16:

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