Sunday, June 3, 2012

Papa's Parodies

My Dad [Papa D] & stepmom, Candise [Grandma C] came to town for Candise's nephew's San Diego State University graduation & to visit us. We love when they come to town & happy to host them in San Diego.

We attended a great graduation party for Zach. Keller did come down with a touch of the flu which sidelined him from his T-ball game Saturday morning but was back in fine shape for Saturday night's miniature golf tournament. It's a Dzwoniarek tradition. 


Aunt Cindy beat us all.  Keller & Papa tied. 

We also took in a San Diego Padres Game w/the whole family.
Aunt Cindy [Zach's Mom] ordered this great touch for Zach & his girlfriend during the game.

Papa D had to chase down the Snow Cone man to land this for the Monster.
This was also the Padres game that never ended -- 13 innings. Luckily the Padres pulled out the win in the end.

We also got to hang out at Dad & Candise's great hotel to swim & relax and had some great food.

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