Monday, April 30, 2012

iPhone Pictures - Spring 2012

Made the switch to the iPhone back in March and I'm not looking back. Love it. Siri and I have come to a healthy place in our relationship. Instagram & I were instant friends. I'm a believer. Amen!

Trip to the Wild Animal Park: March 2012
Hello Giraffes.

We invited our friend H* over for a bit of school & fun. They LOVED playing 'Don't Eat Peep'.

This is Kel & Jimmy the Dog. Keller takes it upon himself to take care of James whenever Grandma leaves. He was very excited Jimmy climbed up in the chair with him this day.
Can't you tell Jimmy shares the excitement?
My new bedroom. Yeah...a girl can dream.
Found this set up in Urban Renewal [St. George]. I drool everytime I enter that store.
I think I could move in and still not take it all in after 2 weeks.

View from my airplane seat on my quick trip to SUU for the Junior Preview Days.
Up & back to Vegas/Cedar City in less than 24 hours.
That made my 6th flight in 6 weeks. 
We call this Family Fun Night.

Sunset at Torrey Pines. 

This is a rare sight. Keller has never liked to dress up. He found his Halloween costume in the back of the closet when I was on my mad spring cleaning fest and put it on to show me his moves.

My date to In-N-Out one random Wednesday.
Drawing at the New Childrens Museum. We're a cute pair.

New Childrens Museum, downtown San Diego.
Why, yes, you do get to just paint a car at the museum.

Trash. That's the exhibit. Trash. Trash hanging from the ceiling.

We bought this loveseat/couch combo as our first major purchase when we got married.
We said goodbye to our dear blue couches this month.
We landed a new-to-us microfiber sectional from our good friends - the Spencers.
Keller practicing his writing. We do 'school work' most days after lunch.

Out promoting the good word of SUU. Went from Anaheim to Ontario to San Diego
for some national college fairs last week.
Had a long & exhausting  don't-feel-like-I -made-a-dang-difference week. Escaped to the SD Zoo. Saw this polar bear trying to stand on his ball time & time again. Made me smile.
Thank you dear polar bear for your persistence & entertainment. 

Found our new favorite pizza in San Diego. Little Italy @ Filippi's.
You literally walk thru the Italian deli/grocery store to get to the restaurant. Pizza : 2 thumbs up

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Natalie said...

2 things-
Did your mom move to San Diego with you?
I can totally see your handwriting in Kellers....The way he writes the b's and the sharp turns on the e's....Little Dana in the making. :)