Sunday, March 25, 2012

CHINA [3/17]

Wake up, get ready & taxi to Shanghai East Exhibition Center w/Betty for our CIEET College Fair. 

The Exhibition Center is an older building -- with no heat. I don't think it got about 55 degrees in the building ALL DAY. 

At lunch we found a McDonalds. My heart did a little jump seeing the golden arches. It tastes just like it does in the US. We see the McDonalds delivery guy who rides with an oven warmer on his back on his scooter delivering McDonalds. 

We visit a convenience store. I’m excited to take back candy & treats for Keller. 

We finish the day at the college fair & taxi back to the hotel.
My McDonald's Receipt: Double Cheeseburger Meal -- 15 RMB =  $2.37 USD
We change clothes & actually braved the Shanghai subway system BY OURSELVES. Helen had given us valuable tips the day before to meet her at Peoples Square via subway. We are proud of ourselves.

A corner view of Peoples Square - a large shopping/park district
Water Fountain in Peoples Square Park
 Helen takes us to the ‘underground’ shopping – literally under the subway at Peoples Square. These shops are bit more ‘boutiquey’ but don’t bargain as much.  Felt like we were SPEED shopping since this was our last night in China & we had the last of our souvenirs to collect. We arrived at 6:30PM and went straight thru ‘til 9PM. 

After shopping we went to a dim sum restaurant & ate fried rice, wontons, etc. We also ordered this wonderful bread bowl that was good bread diced into chunks and then topped with icecream & whip cream which you dip in sweetened condescended milk & honey. It was rich & good – one of the first real ‘desserts’ we’ve had in China.

Helen, Nicole, Dana

Subway back to hotel & check out all our purchases:
And yes...I did buy a new carry-on to get all the purchases home.

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