Sunday, March 25, 2012

CHINA [3/18]

Our last day in China.

We pack up our luggage for the last time & head out to the college fair. 

At the end of the day we pack up our SUU gear for the last time & taxi back to our hotel to fetch our luggage before heading to the Shanghai airport.

We had, by far, the craziest taxi driver take us to the airport. 90 MPH down the freeway - weaving in & out of traffic. We were just trying to distract ourselves in the backseat saying, 'This is our last taxi ride. If we can just make it to the airport, we can make it home to our families.'

Uneventful plane ride home -- Nicole & I were not seated together. Benadryl was my friend & helped me sleep for several hours. Land in L.A. Thru Immigration, Customs, re-check luggage, go back thru security and catch my last flight to San Diego.

I hate small planes. But -- I knew I was homeward bound.

Arrive home after 18+ hours of travel & cried as I greeted my family. 
I missed them so much. I guess Keller missed me too:

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