Sunday, March 25, 2012

CHINA [3/16]

Awake in Shanghai. Get ready & meet a crazy a driver down in the lobby who will take us to our first appointment at The Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce at Shanghai University. 

1 hour thru traffic to  Shanghai University. Our driver was CRAZY – Aggressive & honked at everyone. [It's funny the taxi drivers/driving has gotten continually more aggressive the father from Beijing we get.]

Went to lunch at a nice restaurant near Shanghai University with our hosts. Weird foods. Had cold, pickled chicken; weird looking tripe-type, grey-colored food on a plate; mushrooms. There were a few good dishes but it was our most 'diverse' meal yet. [I had promised myself when I knew I was going to China that I would try the foods I found 'different', I did good until this point. I couldn't do it. Our hosts were kind enough.]

Back to Shanghai University – Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce. Meet with Marketing Department. Meet with 2 prospective students + 2 current SUU students currently studying in Shanghai. It was so fun to meet these new students & answer all their questions. I also loved seeing our current SUU students & how they shared their love of SUU to these new students.

Crazy driver to takes us to Shenuan Agency – 45 minutes thru traffic.

At Shenuan, we meet Helen to discuss some SUU details as she works with prospective students. Helen is a little spitfire & at the end of our meetings she asks what we are doing for the evening. She offers to take us out & show us 'her' city. We are hesitant to say YES because we are tired but can’t say NO to a local friend. So glad we sad YES!

Taxi to hotel & change clothes.

Take Shanghai subway to a spot for dinner. This was a cool thing for us. We had been extremely intimidated to ride the subway but Helen made it no big deal.

Have a type of Chinese fast food for dinner. No good. 

Take Shanghai subway to the Pudong side of Beijing.

See Oriental Pearl, IFC [International Financial Center + mall] and tallest building in China. 

Oriental Pearl

They do a really cool light show on the steps of the Oriental Pearl --
The colors are brilliant! Reminds me of Las Vegas

Walk to viewing spot to look over river to The Bund - Shanghai's 'banking' district with European-style architecture. BEAUTIFUL.

Looking back to the Pudong side of the river

Take ferry [cost a whopping 2 RMB = $.31]to the other side of the river. Walk along the river & look at Bund. The lighting on the buildings is breathtaking.

Helen had tired us out at this point. Taxi back to hotel & call it a night.

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