Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marchant Favorite Things

Since Oprah's not around anymore to share her gargantuanly-overpriced Favorite Things list anymore, we'll fill in:

                                                        MXN FLAUTAS
Roberto's in California is no Roberto's in Las Vegas. We've discovered the next best thing at MXN -- another fast food, way-better-than-Taco- [H]Bell type place. Chad LOVES their flautas & it's right on the way Keller & I may get some rolled tacos out of the commute.

                                           LATE NIGHT STUDY SESSIONS 

Chad's schedule varies from day-to-day. If he has day classes he's home for dinner & to give Keller his needed Daddy attention until bed. If he has night classes he's home after 9PM. His latest schedule will also entail watching TV in bed with me until I'm just about to fall asleep [some nights it's like 8:39PM] & then he gets back into the study groove, heads downstairs & usually doesn't come back to bed until after 1AM. Even on the weekends it's hard to break the habit. Keller told him he's now nocturnal. 


After his 1AM bedtime you can imagine his love of this item for an 8:30AM class. But, my wonderfully cheap husband will ONLY buy them if they are on sale. When Ralph's had a sale a few weeks back -- we could have supplied enough energy for a small country with his stockpile.


Keller & Grandma have a date every weekday at 10AM for 'The Price is Right'. We've caught Keller impersonating Drew Carrey & letting us know 'You've won a new car!'. He told Chad the other day that he has seen a commercial almost a thousand times. Chad inquired, 'Which commercial?'. Keller's response, 'The Jazzy Scooter.' Chad told him to stop watching old people shows. [In Keller's defense -- I used to watch The Price is Right at my grandparents house. I understand the powerful drug it can be!]

To coordinate schedules in our house we have a master calendar that hangs in the kitchen -- all appointments, meetings, T-Ball practices, etc. are there. Keller LOVES the calendar & routinely tells us at various times of the day when our next appointment is & how many days until a family member's birthday. He gets a little thrown off when things aren't there & we head out the door. It's his OCDness in action.  We're trying teaching him 'to go with the flow'......

The little dude has professed his brand loyalty [Da*n you, Price Is Right] to Tyson Chicken Nuggets. No other brand will do. Oh...and his favorite dipping sauce: applesauce.


My beloved vehicle is often restricted to short trips to the grocery store, church or 7-11 for a much needed Dr. Pepper or Redbox.  Gas prices being the way they are [[Da*n you, Price Is Right...J/K]....She's grounded to a short leash in the neighborhood. She desperately misses the open road & splashing in puddles.

With Chad being Mr. Studious Student these days -- I have a new hot date every night. Maybe it's Neal Caffrey [White Collar] one night taking me on a NY adventure. I  might have a fancy formal dinner with Matthew from Downton Abbey another. Perhaps even learn a lesson on shipping with my friends on Shipping Wars. It's a beneficial relationship for all involved. But, I will never date Drew Carrey .
[[Da*n you, Price Is Right]

Pretty sure Pinterest has made me a way cooler Mom by finding projects for the 5 year old & me to work on/games to play. I think it's made me gain 5 lbs in its dessert recipes.  I should be losing those 5 lbs. with the fitness plans I pin. It also gives me a lot of great ideas for places to travel & ways to decorate my home when I become a millionaire.    It sucks you in. Somedays you love it [when you find that perfect quote or recipe] & somedays you hate it [really, do I have to decorate, craft & cook for every holiday including Groundhog Day? But, yes I did in fact get a Groundhog worksheet pinned from a teacher's wall last week. Maybe I should revise & say Da*n you, Pinterest!]

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