Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I [Heart] You

It was a  festive Valentine's Day at our house. It's fun to have a kiddo that thinks all the little stuff is fun & exciting. We started the day off with customized cereal for all:

Chad's Frosted Flakes: "You're Great!" 
Keller's Cinnamon Toast Crunch: "I CEREALsy love you."
Grandma's Captain Crunch: "You are the CAPTAIN of Valentine love."

We also made heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. [Ya know, my favorite no-muss cinnamon rolls from the can...]

Forget a gourmet restaurant....We had a customized delicious lunch at home. As with any special meal in our house -- what did we eat? S T E A K.

Everyone had a place setting with card & treat: [Kel scored a new Mickey Mouse shirt]

And then came dessert.... I was served THIS wonderful, chocolate-coma-enducing-probably -1587-calories- per-bite cake that a dear friend had made for a dinner at their home a few months back....
 It earned 2 thumbs up:

Great day had by all....with all that lovey-gushy-mushy stuff too.

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