Sunday, February 19, 2012

San Diego Harbor + USS Midway

Took a stroll down on San Diego Harbor on Friday night. A perfect sunset to end the week.

On Saturday we took advantage of February being Museum Month [stopped by Macy's & rec'd a booklet that gave us 1/2 off all museums in San Diego this month. Not too shabby!] and headed down to the USS Midway Museum.

 This was the best museum we have visited here in San Diego. This was a real slice of American history. An actual Navy Aircraft Carrier that was decommissioned in 1992. You get to see all parts of this floating city -- mess hall, bunks, 'the brig' i.e. jail, engine room, captain's quarters, post office, doctors/dentist offices.....

<----- This was one of the Ready Rooms: Where the pilots would assemble before a mission to go over all logistics.

Every Ready Room featured coffee & the mug wall.

Every squadron that was stationed on the USS Midway had a specific patch. These were a few of our favorites:

Have a confession -- Love the Navy uniforms:

 Keller was a bit freaked out of the ship in the beginning. He has a bit of claustrophobia...and a real fear of mannequins. Yes, mannequins. He flipped out with some of the displays. He calmed down & worked his way through a series of questions and earned his'wings' at the end of the tour. This was one of the great docents supervising his 'pinning' ceremony:

I   L O V E D the USS Midway. It was intriguing to see the inner workings of a real Navy aircraft carrier. I felt a lot of pride since my grandpa served in the Navy. A great stop in San Diego.

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