Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend in the Country

I love Fall.
I really love Fall in the country.

Chad teases me that I'm old because I love a good car ride that leads down some
2 lane highway.
I'll take it.

We took a little Saturday drive to the small town of Julian, California -- famous for their apples in the fall.

Along the way we came across the Mountain Valley Ranch.

All the fun of a ranch in the Fall.....

Petting Zoo:
Sheep trying to escape it's pen:
Pumpkins: [loving the green & white pumpkins you can find these days]And of course, a Goat Maze:
Yes........ a Goat Maze:This was the funniest thing I've ever seen to keep the little terrors occupied in their area.

Stopped by & had lunch at Dudley's Bakery. The sandwiches could feed 3 people each & the selection of bakery items have to put a smile on one's face.
Then, we arrived at Julian to find a celebration for Oktoberfest. We may not have been as hyped on brats & beer as everyone else, but who can say no to a good polka band?
Julian is a quaint little country town & that merits some further exploring.

And then...we found it......H E A V E N in the form of an apple pie.
Mom's Bakery on Main Street must have been piping the smell of fresh apple pie out to the common folk who may have waited in line for 45 minutes to partake in its goodness.

Yes, that is an apple covered in cinnamon sugar with a slab of butter on the top about to be wrapped in the most delicious crust. Didn't have a chance to try that gem....but most certainly will next time.
We did take home an apple pie that was THE BEST apple pie I've ever had. Had to get a gallon of apple cider that must be what liquid gold tastes like. A M A Z I N G!

Anyone want to take a road trip next weekend?

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AshleyS said...

maybe i should bring the kids and met wes at his san diego office next saturday when he gets off at 3, and we could head out there with you guys, or meet you out there? that looks like so much fun! call me, let's plan it!