Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SUU Adventures - Part 2

I've been out on the road much more this Fall getting to know the lay of the land in CA & the [sometimes the stupidity of] students.

Hence: Part 2 of 'SUU Adventures on the Road':

*Question: "Do you have a Marine Biology program?"
My real answer: "Unfortunately, SUU does not offer a Marine Biology program....but let me tell you about our Biology program....."
What I want to say: "Duh, Utah's a landlocked state. If you can find a whale in the Great Salt Lake, more power to you."

*Question: "Are you a Mormon school?"
My real answer: "No, SUU is a public institution that does not profess one religious affiliation or another"
What I want to say: "No. We aren't a Mormon school. But, if you don't get baptized at the state border -- you'll be ridiculed & mocked. Just sayin'....."

I've had more & more students here in So. California say, "Utah....That's so far away." When I actually pull out the map they are shocked at how 'far away' Cedar City, UT is. They just can't seem to wrap around the fact that they'd have to ditch the flip flops in the winter for boots & a coat.

Sat next to a recruiter from a great Northern California UC school at a recent college fair. She explained she was an alum of the same institution & loved her education. Fifteen minutes later, while texting, she leans over to me, "How do you spell papparazzi?" Glad to see that quality education at work!

In September, I had a few crazy days in Las Vegas. Hence, my Facebook posts from one particular day:

September 13, 8:56AM
Haul 40 lbs of SUU gear into Foothill HS thru a downpour, in heels, with a spare SUU tshirt thrown over my head to try & stay dry. I'm now soaked to the bone with bad hair, a hotel 45 min away & with lightning overhead they are holding students from my presentation.....Just another exciting day of recruiting on the road!

September 13, 12:30PM
Just survived my first hard lockdown at Las Vegas Academy. Think I might ask for a kevlar vest rather than a raise!

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