Thursday, June 30, 2011

Up, Up & Away

Two years ago I experienced the Panguitch Balloon Festival with my best friend Kimmy & her family. Keller & I couldn't get enough & returned this year.

I freakin' LOVE Panguitch, UT. Small town Americana @ it's best. Where else can you see a Motorcycle Rodeo in the high school parking lot [tricks & time joke!], followed by cotton candy & inflatable toys at the park & a BBQ in the backyard. Love it!

Friday afternoon consisted of the 'Balloon Parade':

Panguitch LOVES parades. Parades head up Main Street...and just in case you missed it the first time...they come back down Main Street. There were also some great oddities at this year's parade:

Shout out to Smokey the Bear & to our forest-fire-fighting friends [Kimmy & her family all fight forest fires during the summer]:A saddled Golden Retreiver:

But, my favorite find at the parade: Motorized Cooler Train:

Saturday morning Balloon Launch:

Motorcycle Parade:

Also fit in a side trip to Bryce Canyon. Keller is not the best hiker. We had to stop & have a 'life lesson' moment to get him to stop complaining. The threat of no lunch solved that problem quickly. We also had Kimmy with this trip quickly turned into 3rd grade field trip as we learned about evergreen vs. desiduous trees.

Side note: It works brillantly that I've been adopted by the Soper clan. My freshman year of college I met a great friend named Amy. We became good friends. My junior year of college I met & lived with Kimmy. Amy married Kimmy's cousin Cody that same year. We never lose each other now. Kenzie, Collin & Will all belong to Amy & Cody.

Keller, Kenzie & Collin took a tour of Panguitch with Grandpa Soper + tractor:

And then there was this moment....

When Keller truly became a real Panguitch boy:

No shoes.

Looking into the pasture.

Toy gun in hand.

Ready for action.
Keller [4 1/2] & Kenzie [almost 6] were best buddies ALL weekend:

Saturday night they shut down Main Street & line the hot air balloons up for 'The Glow':

Love Panguitch. Love the Soper family. Love Balloon Fest.

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