Monday, June 6, 2011

Chad's [NEW] Love

My husband has a new love. She's polished, fast-moving with a bit of a kick:

Chad had been spying motorcycles for months. With the cost of gas rising & my favorite vehicle, my Tahoe, slurping gas, Chad took the plunge & bought himself the above beauty. He loved her...but only for a short time. Then, he really fell in love with the next lady in his life:

Therefore, we went from a 2 vehicle home to a 4 vehicle home real fast. I'm kicking out his first love & Craigslist will find her a good home soon. Chad is keeping his favorite Honda Shadow & gets antsy when he doesn't get to ride it for a few days. He looks pretty bad in his helmet & shades.

And...Keller wanted to get into the motorcycle gang too:

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