Monday, June 6, 2011

Visiting Papa D's

In mid-May, my Dad & stepmom invited us out to his house for an action-packed weekend. They live on a few acres in a small town outisde of Sacramento, CA. We love his house for all the open space & time to play outside.

We rode Dad's Quad:

And Keller met his Christmas present:

A quad sized pefectly for this 4-year old:Keller wanted to ride that thing from sun up to sun down. He would jump on, rev around the turns & even made his own track in the backyard. He only crashed twice in the first 20 minutes before he really learned how to drive. Then....he would just ride, ride, ride....singing, screaming & laughing up a storm.

This was one of my favorite shots...The "I will run you over" look:

We also took Papa D's boat out for some fishing on Lake Berryessa:

No fish were caught but we did have some beautiful sun & consumed the usual 'fishing diet' of Hostess chocolate donuts & Dr. Pepper.

Had a great dinner at The Buckhorn in Winter, CA. A family favorite! Had to get some shots of my favorite people:
We also took in a Sacramento Rivercats triple A baseball game:

For Christmas this year, my stepmom got my Dad 2 labrador puppies.

This is Zoey - a 'rambunctious' [ask Keller what that means....] black beauty:

This is Hunter - the more calm of this brother/sister duo:
Hunter & Zoey wrestle & pick on each other constantly. Since they are still puppies & a little unpredictable with their barking & jumping, Keller was a bit intimidated. He had a bad run-in with a dog when he was 2 & is terrified of dogs that jump. Therefore, to be 'safe' at Papa D's house, Keller wanted to be out of the puppy's reach. During his waking hours, he lived in his 'perch' - a barstool.

He would call Papa when he woke up in the morning to come pick him up & give him a piggy back ride to his perch to have breakfast & watch cartoons. He had to have one of us by his side in the house when the puppies came in. He made some progress during the trip...but will have to make friends with Zoey & Hunter again.

We had a ball during our trip and again say THANKS to our wonderful hosts.

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Sheena said...

Keller looks super cute on that atv! Looks like you guys had fun!