Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oatman, Arizona . Route 66

En route to a college fair in Kingman, AZ, I took a backroad between Bullhead City, AZ & Kingman, AZ - Route 66.

Route 66 runs through an interesting town - Oatman, AZ.

The whole town revolves around these:Yes, burros. They wander the streets, the shops, wherever they darn well please. They also leave behind their wonderful pellet, smelly markers. All in all, wouldn't necesarily go back to visit Oatman for these jacks*.

But, I did enjoy the rest of the scenery in Oatman:

The drive from Bullhead City to Oatman: Enjoyable.
The drive from Oatman to Kingman: Treacherous.

Chad would have probably killed me taking 'his' beloved Honda over the hairpin, rock-covered turns. I had to hit the gas once over the mountain pass as I was driving down a deserted 2-lane highway, with lots of dips with signs warning 'No Passing in Standing Water', as the dark-rain clouds were gathering overhead. Got to Kingman as the rain POURED from the sky. If you live in Nevada and see the TV commercial or billboards warning,with the funny licence plates of those who drive thru flooded streets - [ex: NTRBL] - with a pic of a '85 Buick covered in water, you can imagine how stupid I thought I was as I drove through the streets of Kingman. The high school was in view and all I could think was 'there is 100 feet of road & a foot of water standing between me & being late to this event'. Chad would have once again killed me. Alas, me & Chad's favorite vehicle made it through!

Back to my beloved Nevada, one last trip over Hoover Dam thru Boulder City, back to the neon:

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