Saturday, October 23, 2010

SUU Homecoming '10

Yes, I still work with SUU. Yes, I still talk it up everyday to future SUU T-Birds. But, I still can't get enough of sharing past memories of my SUU experience during Homecoming each year.

New addition - official SUU / Thor the Thunderbird logo painted in the middle of the intersection at 200 West & University Blvd. [And yes, it was my husband & another SUU friend who got Center Street REnamed University Blvd in 2005. Don't worry -- He reminds me EVERYTIME he sees the sign....]


My friends Kimmy & Nicole joined us at the parade. Kimmy got a KICK out of these senior ladies who pulled right up to the parade, sat in their comfy car & just honked when they liked the float or band that went by. Kimmy is determined that is us, year 2060.


My favorite beauty about SUU - That RED mountain beyond our historical campus:

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