Saturday, October 23, 2010

Garth . Loews

Chad just celebrated a BIG birthday.

A BIG birthday called for a big celebration. Months & months ago, I stalked the Ticketmaster website at the exact moment the next batch of Garth Brooks tickets were released. Garth now performs a few weekends every year at the Wynn Las Vegas. It was on Chad's 'Bucket List' to see Garth. Since he was inching closer to the bucket [hehe!], I figured we better enjoy it while we could still see without glasses or hear without hearing aids [j/k].

This was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. It was Garth & his guitar. No back-up band. No back-up singers. A true musician. You can tell he loves every minute of being on-stage. He told stories, covered some of his favorite artistic influences & sang some of his greatest hits. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, came out for 2 songs as well.

The highlight of the evening was the moment when Garth was conversing with a young man on the side of the stage. This young man got Garth's attention by waving his white cowboy hat again & again. Garth came over and struck up a conversation with this young man named Fred, who you could tell had some mental disabilities. His name was Fred & he was 22. He come to Vegas just to see Garth. Fred asked Garth if he would sign the white cowboy hat he had brought. Garth took the hat, and looking it over, told Fred that he didn't want to ruin a good hat and promptly took his guitar off that he had been playing all night, grabbed a Sharpie, signed it & handed it right to Fred. A collective gasp from the audience & tears began to roll down many audience members faces' [Did I just confessing to crying in publc?] . Garth did that without thought -- a very genuine gesture. Couldn't have loved Garth anymore!

We also spent the night at the awesome Loews Lake Las Vegas. Highly recommend this resort to anyone for a couples retreat or a family getaway. Right on Lake Las Vegas, wonderful grounds, beautiful white sand beach & a great pool with slides & activities for kids too.


AshleyS said...

what a fun birthday! that's such a great story about garth. and that resort looks amazing. happy birthday to old man chad! love you guys!

MPk said...

So, I don't like country music, and Garth is a little above that...but, how he treated that young man - THAT is awesome. Garth just scored some more points in my book.