Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Miracle

Months & months ago my Mom & Keller planted a pumpkin plant in the backyard. Shockingly, it survived in my backyard. Things that typically go in alive do not stay that way for long under my care.

That dang plant grew & grew & grew. It even bloomed. But -- no pumpkins ever grew.

Until the true Halloween/Pumpkin Miracle:

The Pumpkin Fairy [looking something like Grandma] might have delivered the pumpkins overnight.

Keller was shocked & so excited that his pumpkin plant FINALLY had a pumpkin.

Thank you Pumpkin Miracle.

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AshleyS said...

Okay this is so funny because we did the same thing a couple weeks ago! my mom and hays planted a pumpkin plant a while ago and it is huge and the one pumpkin it had was still too green, so my dad bought pumpkins and wrapped the plant around them and, as you know, the kids were so excited! haha, cute! great minds...