Sunday, February 22, 2009

St. George Parade of Homes '09

Chad & I headed for a little weekend getaway to the St. George Parade of Homes. It's always fun to dream, eh?

I mean really, who wants to live in a 15,000 square foot house? That's a lot of dusting.

The pool would probably require daily maintenance -- or at least daily sunbathing on the deck.

The home theater's candy counter would need to constantly be restocked -- that's a lot of trips to the store.

The indoor basketball court would need to be mopped every now & then -- so would the indoor racquetball court.

The indoor climbing wall's safety would also need constant supervision.

What about the 6 bathrooms? That's a lot of scrubbin'.

The 8 bedrooms would have to be vacuumed too often for my liking.

Really -- Who wants to live in a $3 million house?


Jeanine said...

I love that you guys go every year! I looked at this floor plan a while ago online and was like really 15,000 sq ft!!! Maybe for an entire clan of pligglets.

The Funderburks said...

Not me. Andy and I both agree that place was ridiculous! I love to clean, but honestly. I do LOVE the parade every year though. I get great ideas and new inspiration. Sad we didn't run into you guys.

Ence's said...

I guess we will forgive you for not letting us know you were in town. Next time I won't be so forgiving!! :)