Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodbye Truck

Chad & I are slightly crazy in the fact that we treat our vehicles like members of our family. We love them, give them personalities & occasionally talk to them.

With that background -- We are sad to announce: We recently sold Truck. We bought Truck from Chad's sister & brother-in-law shortly after we were married. We had many good times with Truck -- traveling around Cedar Mountain, lots of dutch oven cookouts & playin' in the dirt. We were sad to see him go. But -- It's like sending a puppy to the farm -- A great set of brothers bought the truck. They all have Chevy trucks and love to restore & fix them up. Truck will be able to run free & overcome the afflictions that have recently plagued him.

Goodbye dear friend. Thanks for the memories.

Happy news: We now welcome to the family: Tahoe. She is an '02 Chevy Tahoe that I am in love with.


Jeanine said...

I am like you- I hate to see cars go (or in this case trucks). I will miss that thing. It has so many memories. You always knew when Chad got home! I am glad that it went to a good home and good use. I am glad Bernice (the purple Corolla) and the B2000 (the truck you tried to sell for us) are still hanging strong.

Ence's said...

Wow!! I never thought Chad would get rid of it. I don't know if you guys remember when we sold my car, I cried. :)