Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Daddy the Butler

Chad & I have this print by Jack Vettriano titled 'The Singing Butler' above our couch at home. Keller has looked at this picture for his entire life and said, "Mama & Daddy". We thought it was cute he thought it was us dancing on the beach.

Last night Keller was looking at the picture and touched the lady and said, "Mommy". Then Chad asked, "Kel, where's Daddy?" Keller pointed and said, "Holding umbrella."

We had a good laugh.

Thanks honey, for protecting me from the elements while I dance on the beach with my not-so-secret boyfriend.


Malma said...

i have the same print framed and in my hallway....love it!

Alli Waldron said...

i actually laughed out loud after reading that! kids are too funny. i can't wait for vance to start talking!

ps - great taste in decor!

Nate and Jamie said...

Hey, Dana... will you email me a number that I can get a hold of you in the next couple of days. I have a question for you about who is in charge of Ambassadors down at SUU? My email is JamieRothe@gmail.com. THANKS!!

Lenzi said...

THAT my friend, is CLASSIC! :) I'm glad you blogged that moment! LOL!

Ence's said...

I totally remember this picture. Whenever I see it I think of you guys. That is such a cute story!!