Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun with The Spencer's

This weekend we convinced our friends, Weston & Ashley, to make a road trip to Las Vegas. We met Wes & Ash when we lived in our first apartment here in Las Vegas and developed a great friendship. Chad & Weston bonded on same crazy level and now live to drive Ashley & I crazy when they are together. They moved to S. California for dental school for Weston, but we've kept tabs on each other.

We had a great weekend. Keller and Hailey [21 months] played together so well. They loved 'jumping', going up & down stairs & watching Elmo together.

Us adults had a great time doing a little shopping, a bit of game playing and a lot of eating. We typically had our next meal or snack planned by the time we finished what was in front of us.

Funny that people from all over the world come to Las Vegas to see the sites. After 45 minutes of the Mirage & the new volcano [BTW, not that much cooler than before...], we were ready to head home. We are either getting old or the fun of Las Vegas has worn off.

Wes & Ash - Thanks for making the trip.
Wes - Hope you will enjoy continuing to douse your food with homemade syrup.
Ash - Sorry for the recipe!

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AshleyS said...

such a fun weekend! thanks so much for everything. keller and hays couldn't have been cuter together. i'll forgive you for the syrup thing as long as you guys come and visit us down here soon. :-)tell chad that the next time i make molten cakes, i will make sure to use my "water jug".