Thursday, January 22, 2009

Give you 'L'

I'm a big fan of the All-American Rejects song, 'Gives You Hell'.

Great anthem to sing loud in the car after a crazy day.

I probably shouldn't be singing this song with Keller in the car.

Instead when the song states "Hope it gives you you hell", I have taught Kel 'Hope it gives you 'L' you 'L'.

I don't know how long I can get away with it....but for now it's pretty funny!


Lenzi said...

That's SOOOOO not fair!! I love that song too but I feel really terrible singing along to it with the boys in the car. So i have to SNEAK it in my room or on the computer. I'm so jealous! And way to go on the mom way to teach him the song. LOL. :)

Alli Waldron said...

Hey I found you! I dread the day that I have to sensor what I watch and listen to around Vance. I'm sure that its a good thing, but come on?!

The Hughes' said...