Monday, January 19, 2009


*Keller is an early bird -- usually raring to go around 5:30AM. Gratefully, he is still corralled in his crib. He starts around 5:30AM calling us nicely -- "Mama, Dada". Around 6AM it gets a bit louder and more demanding -- 'MAMA, DADA". If we are not up by 6:15AM he is screaming -- "MAMA, DADA - GET UP! GET OUT!"

*When we get him up in the morning we typically say, "Good morning Kel. How'd you sleep? What did you dream about?" Keller always answers the dream question with "Horsies, birds, goldfish"....the last few days it's also been "Elmos & cars." Imagination!

*When Kel wants you to get up and play with him and you are comfortable in your chair he proceeds to yell at you "GET UP, GET UP". He then takes his flattened hand and tries to spatula you out of your chair until you get up.

*On today's breakfast menu: 2 bowls of cereal, a piece of cinammon toast & 1/2 carton of yogurt. We must be growing!

*To butter me up, Chad has taught Keller how to say "Mommy pretty." This morning Keller said, "Mommy pretty. Keller pretty too!"

*Keller is loving to do things by himself -- get dressed, put shoes on, etc. When he wants to do it -- he is determined. I ask, "Keller, would you like help?" He promptly answers back, "Keller help-a you!" I think that is his way of saying 'Back off lady!'

*I asked Kel if he was ready to have his diaper changed. His response: "I'm working on it."

*When Keller wants to go upstairs or downstairs, he likes to climb the stairs like a big boy and he comes to you and screams in your face, "HAND, HAND!" Would you like help sir?

*Jimmy Choo, my mom's long-haired Chihuahua was outside. Kel calls him in: "Jimmy Choo, come on in."

*Around 7PM last Monday: "I'm so tired" with his hand on his head.


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He's so cute! He's got such a fun little personality.