Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best Month of the Year

[Economy has even hit Miss Marie -- Pies went up by $1 for October's Pie Month.]


Chow and Russ said...

Just so you know... they are on sale in February and June also for this price... I worked @ Marie's for five years, and these pies are the best.

Natalie said...

Geez Dana- Why must you remind me EVERY time that NM sucks becuase I can't get me some PIE! Do they have MC in Oregon??

Jill said...


Jeanine said...

I saw the commercial and thought of you and in fact I even thought- I thought they were 5.99 but maybe I was wrong! I guess I was following your Marie Callendars after all. I hope you have a GREAT month.

The Hughes' said...

I know I can always count on you to notify me of two things:

-Pie month at Marie Callender's
-National eat a corn dog day.

Thank you....LOVE YOU!