Monday, September 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams

After SUU's Homecoming Parade on Saturday we headed back to Grandma & Papa Marchant's for a little nap before the game. Chad put Kel down in his crib and we were hanging out in the family room. We could hear Kel in the bedroom rolling around and chattering to himself. He was there almost an hour and never went to sleep. Chad went to get him to head to the game and found this:

During the parade we had loaded Kel's pockets with the candy he had picked up. We forgot it was in his pocket -- but he didn't. That's why the kid didn't want out of his crib! He was on a sugar high, chitter-chattering to the world.

Thank you dear parade floats/participants for giving my kid the best nap of his life.


Jen said...

I knew I could check out your blog and get the low down from Homecoming. I am so sorry I wasn't there--it looked so fun!

Love this story about Kel and candy--total classic :)!

--Jen Roper

kalierae chamberlain said...

LOL! That is classic!

Jeanine said...

I love all the new posts! We would have been to some of the SUU stuff but I was out of town. Dang! I am glad that you had fun!

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

How funny! What a great nap! I wish I could sleep that great each day!

The Hughes' said...

Well, I haven't checked your blog in a while...and then BOOM! Look at all the fun stuff you T-birds have been up to! Thanks for the great homecoming report, sure sad we missed it. Your AZ adventures looked like fun too. I am laughing so hard about Kel. That kid has such a cute personality!

Ence's said...

That is the cutest thing!!!