Tuesday, October 7, 2008

California Camping Adventure

About two weeks ago, Kel & I boarded a plane and headed to Sacramento, CA to surprise my Dad for a camping trip. My stepmom, Candise, made all the arrangements and Dad had no clue. She picked us up from the airport and we pulled up in the driveway and she went in and asked my Dad to help unload the truck.....and there we were! He was so surprised and so happy.

We headed out camping on Thursday to Lake Stampede in the Sierra Mountains near Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful surroundings and perfect weather. We had LOTS of great food, a few loungin' afternoons, fishing and boat rides in Dad's spiffy new fishing boat. Kel was a trooper and LOVED being dirty. He liked the chipmunks ['chi-mon'] and deer. Little early bird Kel would still wake up at 5:30AM. Too cold for me to want to get out of the sleeping bag -- therefore, THANK GOODNESS for the portable DVD player to watch an hour of Sesame Street before really getting up for the day. We met several of Dad's hilarious co-workers and their families. Thank you for all the fun Dad & Candise. Overall - great trip in the great outdoors!
[I was SO GLAD to get a shower, hose Kel off & a comfy bed at the end of the weekend.]

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Jeanine said...

K, that is so nice of you to do that. I think that is so fun to just up and suprise him! LOVE IT! And what a good mom to just stand there and let him be dirty, you are good! I am a freak over the dirt, I just need to relax and let Sadie enjoy it. UH.