Friday, January 11, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

We got the chance to go see 'Phantom of the Opera' last night down at the Venetian thanks to Mr. Levi Topham [Yes, those from SUU -- that lovable, crazy Levi!]. Great production in a beautiful theater! 'Phantom' has always been one of my favorite Broadway shows. I remember getting the 2-disc CD set in high school staying up very late that very night listening to every song, reading the lyrics and figuring out the storyline. I love it!


The Funderburks said...

I wish we could have come... SCOUTS!

Lenzi said...

Hey Dana - I'm glad you enjoyed Phantom. Ben and I went last year and loved it! That was my first time seeing it live so I really had no idea! **However, I did see the movie in theater when that was out and that was really powerful too! I promise we'll get together next week. We HAVE TO or I might go crazy soon!! :)