Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - 2 0 1 4

We partied too hard through the month of December that we all continued recovering from nasty colds the week between Christmas & New Years, therefore we quarantined ourselves in for our own New Years Eve festivities.

Pinterest supplied the idea of having a variety of activities in balloons that could be popped at the appointed time. Our party for 3 raged for about 4 hours: 5:14PM - 9:14PM. Activities included dinner, New Years resolutions and games, games, games....

My favorite: GREATEST LESSON LEARNED: Stay close as a class on field trips. Word.

The new T-Birdopoly. If you love SUU, you'll love this. Just purchase the Gerald R. Sherratt Library.
We are such party animals that we celebrated New Years New York Style [12AM EST = 9PM PST] and Kel & I both slept thru our own changing of the year. Luckily - Chad welcomed it in for us.

New Years Day we visited Mission Trails Regional Park, enjoyed the 70 degree weather & hiked our way to the Old Mission Dam:

ADVANCING on to 2 0 1 4....

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