Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Wheel Adventures

Martin Luther King Jr. was a day off.... A day to load up Keller's quad in the back of the Tahoe & find some dirt.

We set off to head east of home to Ramona - a cute & smaller country town only about 20 minutes away. I hunted down some 4 x 4 trails [I love Google] and we packed up the snacks. Our first trail wasn't suitable to ride the quad -- but up the Tahoe went on the trail. It was a steep & narrow road that climbed up the side of a mountain. Good exploring. We found a perfect picnic spot along the way too:

Back down the trail we went & back to the flat dirt road. After a trial of getting the thing started [and a trip back to town] Keller finally was able to take off - at a very slow pace. The little dude wouldn't go more than 5 mph for the first few minutes.
 We just followed behind - Here's our view:

He finally got more comfortable & got up to a good pace. 

Thumbs up to a good day exploring & riding.

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