Monday, September 24, 2012


Keller is rockin' kindergarten.

He had his Kindergarten Assessment with his teacher this month. 

Her words, "Brilliant." 
We'll take it. 
[I don't love always bragging about my kid to everyone I meet or stand next to in the grocery story line but this is OUR blog so I'm going to take the privilege.]

She runs 5 reading groups in her class - Level 1 being the lower readers up to Level 5 being to higher readers. She was testing Keller in the various levels and got to Level 18.....1 - 8 ....... before he even slowed. She would have gone further but didn't have anything higher in her classroom. He's essentially reading at a 2nd grade level.

He got 'special' permission to check out chapter books from the school library.

We are pretty proud of our little Smarty Pants. 
We're going to start calling him Dr. Keller.


Alli Waldron said...

Congratulations! That is awesome! Hopefully our Keller will follow suit :)

AshleyS said...

That's cool, Dana! Way to go, Kel!