Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Day Jitters

I am 48 inches & weigh 56 pounds.
My favorite thing to play: Baseball
My favorite color: Green
My favorite book: any SkippyJonJones book
My favorite TV show: Good Luck Charlie
My favorite food: Mac n' Cheese
When I grow up, I want to be: A baseball player
Something I really like: Nickel City
Something I really don't like: Missing soccer or baseball practice
My favorite thing about myself: 'I'm really good at baseball.'
Something I want to do this year at school: Have a read-a-thon.

To be honest -- Keller was VERY nervous about starting kindergarten. We've been prepping for about 3 months -- Talking about making new friends. Recess. A cool teacher. Well -- I kept him as busy as possible the day before school started to get his mind off it. Day of morning he was chit-chatty -- a sign he genuinely was excited. Chad & I drove him to school, walked in, dropped off his stuff, played on the playground & took him into his class. One by one the teacher called the kids to the rug & off the parents went. Keller was a trooper. When we picked him up he said school was great & he was excited to go back for Day 2.

The question I keep getting: Did I cry? Not day off. It's been on my mind A LOT. I will miss eating lunch with the little dude. I'll miss him running errands with me. But -- I am genuinely excited for him to begin this cool journey. Go Mr. Kindergartener!

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Katherine said...

Keller is so grown up! It's crazy how fast it goes and there is just no slowing down that train!
Glad that day #1 went well.