Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keller 5.0

Looking tough in his T-Ball uniform

Just some funny Keller doings as of late:

'That disturbs me.'
As I've mentioned before, Keller loves to tell time. He especially loves to look at the microwave clock. While sitting at dinner last week he looked up to inform us of the time and said, "You guys know better -- That disturbs me." We had left the remaining microwave time on the display & not the clock. He pulled a chair over to fix the problem. 

'Maybe' vs. 'We'll see'.
Apparently I have my own Mom language. When Keller asks me a question --   'Mom can I play the Wii?' or 'Mom, can we get a movie from Redbox?' I tend to respond with one of 2 answers, 'Maybe' or 'We'll see'. While asking one of the above the other day, I apparently responded with a 'We'll see.' Keller said, "No, Mom, say 'Maybe'. 'Maybe' always means YES and 'We'll see' means NO." Thank you for the translation 5 year old.

Rhyming words
Way into rhyming words. Way.

Slurpee Derby
Keller LOVES to play baseball in the backyard. Chad made a deal with him that if he could hit a pitch over the neighbors yard he automatically earns a Slurpee. We've already been to 7-11 twice.

Biking Karaoke
Keller has been working on getting the training wheels off his bike. Everytime we take off around the block he sings his little heart out. It's the same noise/song/hum everytime. He's made up the rhythm but it's the same song each go round.

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