Sunday, February 26, 2012


Chad has a meeting in L.A. this weekend so we made a family adventure out of it. 

Friday we headed up the 405 and made our 1st stop: the LA Fashion District. Blocks upon blocks of wholesalers selling men's/women's/children's clothing + flowers + jewelry + textiles...everything you can imagine. Our favorite stop [being the deal hunters we are] is Santee Alley. Basically --  a true alley with hundreds of shops selling anything & everything knock-off from perfume to hair straighteners to men's suits to sunglasses. Imagine the swap meet -- dirtier -- mostly in Spanish -- mostly 99 cents. Gotta love it!

While Chad was in meetings Saturday, Keller & I took in the sights.

Los Angeles LDS Temple
Loved the new Visitors Center w/great interactive displays Keller loved.

Griffith Observatory + Hollywood Sign
Keller thought it was 'awesome' to see the Hollywood sign since it was featured on his favorite 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' movie.

Griffith Observatory was a wonderful stop. Totally free. Keller loved it. He got to see the sun through a telescope. He got to look at the displays of the moon, the seasons, the tide....maybe we have a scientist on our hands?

A smoggy day in L.A.

A cool 18 foot telescope where we were able to view Venus -- ya know -- only 88 million miles from Earth. Totally cool!
We drove most every major road in Hollywood: Sunset, Hollywood & Santa Monica Boulevards. The Kodak Theatre was all set for the Oscars. We drove through Beverly Hills & saw Rodeo Drive. We drove through a few top notch 90210 neighborhoods. 

Great L.A. adventure for the weekend....


Sheena said...

No celebrity sightings since it was the Oscars?

Dana Marchant said...

Sheena -- No. I avoided the main hub-bub of Hollywood with all the tourists & traffic closures. But -- Could have been fun!