Sunday, September 25, 2011

Corndog Party '11 - 10 Years & Counting

10 years ago a funny little party started down in our ol' SUU apartment down by the freeway. Here's a bit of the history here and here.

This year we [Kimmy, Amy, Nicole & myself] started to plan our 10th anniversary Corndog Party back in June [when we were all in Panguitch for the Balloon Fest]. We started a Facebook page. We sent e-mails to lots of old friends. We wanted a bash!

We even made t-shirts:
Amy also wrote to Foster Farms who became our official sponsor when they sent us a roll of 1000 stickers, a stack of $5 off/box corndogs & 8 free boxes of corndogs. Go Foster Farms!

This was the haul we made to feed the masses:
This is our 2nd generation of corndog partiers:
Family Christmas Card 2011?

The sauce selection:
Even Thor stopped by for a corndog:

Our friend Ryan loving the hot corndog:
Ol' SUU Corndog Friends:
[Andrea Dover, Nicole, Ken Scriber]

It was a great gathering. Kinda makes you miss the ol' days because it will be a rare occasion when we can get so many friends together again. But....let the C O R N D O G festivities live on.....

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Eardley Fam said...

Fun, fun, fun! Wish we could have joined you all and caught up on the good old days!