Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Corndog Party '10

If you don't know me very well - or if we didn't know each other at SUU -- You will think this post is crazy & I am a bit off my rocker. That's's all for the love of CORNDOGS:

Yes, this is a blow-up CORNDOG:
Just in case you don't know the history of the yearly CORNDOG Party:

I had the wonderful opportunity to live with some great roommates while at SUU. We threw some of the best parties in the last apartment I lived in. The one party that just kept getting bigger & better was our yearly CORNDOG PARTY. Wendy's - one of the roommates -- Mom passed along a calendar that her school - where she was a lunchlady - received from State Fair Corndogs. It was a hilarious calendar with pictures every month of different corndogs engaging in crazy shenanigans:

Yes, corndogs can pilot a plane carved out a cucumber & carrots.
One particular date on the calendar listed: National Eat-A-Corndog Day. Kimmy, our #1 party planning roommate decided that was the perfect party idea. Simply -- CORNDOGS! That was 9 years ago & we keep the tradition going strong.

Yes, that is 9 years strong.

Here are some pictures gathered from past Corndog parties:
This year, the Hughes', graciously hosted the festivities in Las Vegas. We included several other SUU alums:
Yes, several of these people probably thought we were joking when we invited them to a Corndog Party. Yes, they now still think we are crazy.

The must-have Corndog Day banner:

Keller giving his best corndog-filled smile:
The prizes for this year's games which included Corndog Bingo:
Yes, those are corndog-flavored air fresheners [and yes, they stunk just like you imagine!] & corndog-flavored mints [which didn't have much flavor -- gratefully].

Amy, Tone, Mr. Corndog & Dana:
It was a fabulous festivity! Thanks to Amy & Cody for hosting. Thanks to Kimmy, Tone & Adam for driving from Cedar City. Thanks to Foster Farms for providing the yummy corndogs.

Yes, you now know that you want to eat a corndog. Go ahead....celebrate!

Yes, you know you want more.


Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

What a fun holiday! You guys are so much fun! I love the pictures.

k.k. chamberlain said...

YUM! I do want one. But nitrates+pregnancy=I have to wait for next year's Nat'l Corn Dog Day.

Kimber said...

I think we miss the corndog party every year. Next year I want to come! We are corndog fans!

The Funderburks said...

Dana, I'm so glad you keep it going strong!!!

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

SO FUN!!! All of you are so cute!