Monday, July 11, 2011

4.5 Despicable Years

It was a very Despicable 4 1/2 year Old Birthday Party this weekend for Keller. Our party took place at the clubhouse of my Mom's apartment complex -- ideal for space, clean-up & pool access.

First, I can take no credit for this great party idea, decor or games...
All credit must be given to my friend Lenzi who had put this party on for her 7 year old just 2 weeks before. In the midst of our chaotic lives, pulling of a birthday party without the pure genius of Lenzi, would have been impossible.

Our festivities included:

Pictures in the Box of Shame:Pin the Goggles on the Minion: Shoot the Alien: [Sorry, fluffy unicorns were not the prize!]

The one stroke of genius Chad & I did have was the food....We had a Custom Grilled Cheese bar. Our short order cook, Mr. Chad Marchant, took your order & created your very own custom grilled cheese. Big hit!

Keller also got to blow out the candles on his minion cupcake...trick candles that wouldn't die.

And then, what party in Vegas during 100+ degree weather isn't complete without swimming?

The little dude came out like a bandit with lots of Cars 2 games, race tracks, remote control car, squirt gun....

All of our fun friends in attendance:

The Hughes' Family

The Hinckley Family

The Palmer Duo

The Best Friend - Vance w/ Kimber & Carter

O* Green w/Jen & Baby C*

The Marchant Cousins



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